Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

How clean is your patio and paved slabs in your home? Window Shine Professional Cleaning Services Fife is a professional patio cleaning company with a load of experience in the industry. Our pressure machines and scrubbing brushes will instantly help restore you patio’s dazzle and allure. You can seat back and let our experienced crews get the tough job done; excellence is our other name.

As veterans in this industry, we’ have experience cleaning all types of patios including stone, concrete, pavers, marble, and bricks.

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Professional Patio Cleaning

Not every service provider can guarantee you of excellence when it comes to patio cleaning. Here’s where experience comes in; our cleaners have been in the industry for many years. Over this time, they’ve mustered the fine art of patio cleaning. They also share handy tips on caring for your patio, for instance you should always avoid buildup of debris and dry leaves as these hasten rotting and growth of moulds on the surface. Instead, you can use a leave blower or broom to clear the slabs. Our pressure washers are powerful enough to clear even the most stubborn stains or rot on concrete surfaces.

When choosing liquid soaps and detergents, we’re always keen to go for safe and eco-friendly options. Additionally, we also apply a sealer that will protect your patio from elements like dust and dirt for a long time.

Did you also know the right water temperature matters, when it comes to patio cleaning? Too much pressure and temperature may have a destructive impact on your patio. On the other hand, low pressure and temperature may not be enough to remove all the dirt. As such, one has to strike the right balance in order to get the job done without causing any damages.

Why hire us for Patio Cleaning and not DIY?

Patio cleaning, as we mentioned earlier, is not for everyone. Apart from having the right equipment, you also need skills and experience to do it correctly. Window Shine Professional Cleaning Services Fife services are worth every coin you pay, you always get value for your money. Besides, you’ll also be pleased to note that we’ve affordable pricing for patio cleaning. We focus on ensuring that you get the value you deserve and add color to your outdoor space. In short, you’ll never go wrong with hiring us for patio cleaning. Our experienced team takes every project seriously. We are also professional and will listen to your needs then tailor our services to fulfilling them. Client satisfaction is our target, and customizing our services for every client is one of the best ways to achieve it.